A YouTube replacement app for old Samsung Smart TVs

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If your Samsung Smart TV removed the YouTube app from your SmartHub after the June 30 of 2017, you can install this replacement app.

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Installing on 2011/2012 firmware

If your SmartHub looks like this

SmartHub 2011 SmartHub 2012

  • Press the Smart button in your remote
  • Press A button in the remote for opening login (or press Tools botton, then select “Login”). If you are already logged in with your personal account, use the same steps to logout first.

login menu

  • Set account name to “develop” and use any password. Then select “Login”

login modal

  • Wait until you appear as logged as “develop”

logged indicator

  • Press the D button for settings (or press Tools button, then select “Settings”).

  • In the Settings menu, choose “Development”

settings menu

  • An agreement may appear. Choose to accept it and continue.

  • On the “Development” menu, choose to set the “Server IP”.

set server ip menu

  • Set it to Use the remote numeric buttons and advance with the right arrow. When you are done, press the Return button.

ip modal

  • Now select the “User Application Synchronization” option.

sync apps menu

  • The TV should show a progress indicator downloading the app. If an error appears, verify that you correctly set the IP address.

  • After the install is complete, select “Complete” and press the Return button twice to go back to the SmartHub. You will have now the OldTube icon in your installed apps.

Installing on newer firmware

I believe you should still have the YouTube option available. If you don’t please contact me so I can update these instructions. Meanwhile you can follow the pattern from here or here, setting up my app server IP

Support or Contact

Tweet me at @triforcexp

Privacy Policy

There is no personal information (including YT access tokens) stored in any server of mine. It is all always saved inside your own TV.

If you happen to install the build distributed by me, it has Google Analytics on it for the purpose of me knowing how much people actually use this software. Feel free to opt out, download the code and install it yourself without GA if you don’t agree. In no case personal information (like what you search in YT) is sent or stored anywhere outside YT itself.

Terms and Conditions

You are free to use, modify or distribute this software at will. I personally encourage you to do it so! :-D. YouTube API usage is subject to these TOS https://www.youtube.com/t/terms